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February 22, 2022

Perusing the archives presents a chance for this writer to look at how quickly political phenomena fades into the deep dark past. Far too many people forget the past CANNOT be changed, frustrating as that may be.

The latest tact on rewriting history is the widespread tactic now so popular of rewriting history and portraying it to eliminate certain events as they wish had occurred, or segments of the population such as the American Indians. No problem there. School books are revised and rewritten to accommodate such. One side is happy as a lark and the other is ready to revolt. 

History is meant to be an accurate account of what happened and transpired all those years/centuries ago. What is so disturbing about the “revising history movement” is the swift, willing acceptance, virtually no questions asked or objections posed. Does even the moderately intellectual person(s) not give a thought to what such tactics mean?

This is what it means. Learning from history becomes null and void – learning in the future will be based on guess what-- FICTION!!

November 14, 2016


The long election season for 2016 is finally, at long last, over and none too soon for most Americans. After this one, it is time for us ordinary Americans to take a really hard look at the method of selecting elected officials, especially President of the United States. 


Perhaps because of the class system that has long-permeated politics in this country, it is time to find another method of selecting nominees to run for office. Historically, the theory goes that political parties were formed and remain for the purpose of winning elections. What gives credence to that idea is the premise that a run for office begins on the right or left, but in general elections, candidates must move to the center on issues as there cannot be two right paths for the country.  

The 2016 Presidential election has been tagged with the already well-worn phrase, “like none other in history.” What the pundits and all those obsessed with the anointment of Hillary Clinton (Clinton) as entitled to be the first female president of the United States failed to recognize were these factors:


  • The “first woman president crowd” failed to recognize the fatal flaws in such an obsession;

  • From the git go of the campaign, the arrogance of Clinton became the overpowering engine driving the campaign making it into a personality-driven campaign;

  • Ordinary Americans showed no objection to a woman president, just not this woman as the president;

  • Issues that matter to ordinary Americans – government spending, failing schools, taxes, immigration, abortion rights, and jobs moved to foreign countries due to NAFTA signed during former President Bill Clinton’s administration and widely touted by Hillary herself; 

  • Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State can only be described as down hill and totally lacking in demonstrating insight and judgment absolutely necessary for a future President of the United States – Clinton’s arrogant response during the Congressional investigation of Benghazi, “At this point, what difference does it make,” while throwing hands in the air will not soon be forgotten; 

  • Clinton’s failure to recognize how important the issue for ending terrorism on their home soil is for Americans;

  • Finally, the leaked e-mails:  A Clinton 2013 speech contained this statement – “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders;” and “Would it look proper for Hillary while still Secretary of State to go to a middle-east country to personally pick up a $12 million donation to the Clinton Family Foundation?” 

  • The Clintons (Hillary and Bill) showed throughout their long trip up the ladder during and since their Arkansas days a belief that they were above the law. Clinton’s handling of classified material and information during her tenure as Secretary of State served as blatant advertisement of this belief and finally got the attention of voters. No one is above the law, not even the mighty Clintons.   

The arrogance of Democrats and the “woman for President crowd no matter what” have only to look at the above list to gain a clue of why we have President-Elect Trump – who by all accounts has a whole new slate of supporters as a result of actions during the first few days since the election. (The list by no means includes all the factors.) Suffice it to say, only a candidate with the guts of Donald J. Trump could put an end to the arrogance of Hillary and Bill Clinton who took pay-for-play to new heights. 

Even the most biased media coverage ever in the history of Presidential elections could not save the day for the Clintons. No doubt there is a dearth of eggs considering all the egg on faces of those absolutely positive Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag as though no actual election was necessary!!!

Since the early days of political parties, the wealthy and elite have used those running for and serving in office for their own purpose and furthering personal agendas, with little regard to what political office holders should be doing – serving and representing the people who elected them. 

America will be on watch and see what President-Elect Trump does – he has shown himself to be a man beholding to no political party, to be his own man and has no political strings for the party big wigs to jerk. It has been quite refreshing to see the most negative of the Republican Party toward Trump-the-candidate do such a “diplomatic about face,” almost giddy in how they will now work with President-Elect Trump.

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