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November 30, 2021


One month and another year will have passed our way. The Pandemic has controlled our country for most of this last two years.

Now that the national media has had an up and close personal experience with new-President Joe Biden and mostly-absent Vice President Kamala Harris, the rhetoric has finally got around to questions about various issues – asking questions that receive no answers, or that only lead to one embarrassing gaff after another.

Eleven months into his presidency, Biden and his Vice President have given no explanation as to why Harris was named czar of the immigration issues and the catastrophic problem at America’s southern border, never mind the northern border with Canada. Biden and Harris seem totally oblivious of the northern border, but you can bet your life, terrorists are entering America regularly across the border of these United States that is one step away from being plain old open.

As an update on Harris’ explanation for being so out-of-sight so much of the time, in July (2021), she released a strategy that is thin (if not absent) on details, but addresses    motivation for immigration with emphasis on engagement with Central America. Remember Harris’ surprise trip early in the Biden Administration when she told migrants “Do Not Come . . .”. America is still waiting on an explanation of why Central America?

Meanwhile, Biden released his “Collaborative Migration Management Strategy” which revealed how the United States will work with other countries to “manage safe, orderly and humane migration” in North and Central America. Note, no real details though. Harris recognized the United Nations and governments of Mexico, Japan, and South Korea “have committed to and joined the effort to address the motivations of immigration from Central America.”

Both Biden and Harris echo that the United States will work with other countries to “manage safe, orderly and humane migration” in North and Central America. It should be pointed out that the southern border crisis has escalated exponentially since Biden took office, something he nor his Vice President have addressed.

The “Collaborative Migration Management Strategy” addresses economics security and inequality, combating democratic corruption and promoting respect for human rights – of course there would not be a plan without addressing violence and crime, and combating sexual and gender-based violence. The plan is said to reflect Harris’ most recent efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador and other Central American countries.

Harris willingly acknowledges the United States cannot do the work alone, that the “strategy is far-reaching and must be done with the United States partnering with other governments, international institutions, businesses, foundations and civil societies.

This writer is not sure what socialist handbook the ideas of Biden’s plan are from but from this writer, for lack of details, its more of a “montage of ideas” than a plan.

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