Seeing the Round Corners

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September 14, 2021


A newspaper in Indian Country (Oklahoma) recently announced that Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis had recently taken action to remove some old laws on the books since 1864 that made it legal for American Indians to be killed legally as part of Colorado’s efforts for Indian removal. Governor Polis classified the laws as shameful “from a grave period in our state’s history.”

From the Governor’s Executive Order of August 17, 2022: Evans [Colorado’s second territorial governor] issued two proclamations on June 27, 1864 and August 11, 1864 that targeted and provoked violence against Indigenous peoples.

  • The first 1864 Proclamation directed “friendly Indians” to gather at specific camps, and threatened Indians who did not comply.
  • The second 1864 Proclamation ordered citizens to “kill and destroy . . .  hostile Indians” and urged citizens to “take captive, hold to their own private use and benefit, all property of said hostile Indians and that they may capture and receive all stolen property recovered from said Indians such reward as may be deemed proper and just therefor.”


Next week, Seeing the Round Corners will take a little closer look at Evans’ and his Proclamations.

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