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December 8, 2020

This is an incredible day for America!! President Trump’s summit was indeed an uplifting day as the President gave details about the vaccine for American citizens beginning. The President stated the vaccine was created at warp speed, one that can only be described as a modern day miracle.

Today’s column from this writer’s 2015 archives must be prefaced with comments. At the time of writing that December 2015 column, it is readily admitted by this writer to not being a fan of the newly-elected Presidential Donald J. Trump – by no means.

During the 2016-2020 administration of President Trump, the media and its bias has been an embarrassment to the journalism profession. The media malpractice has been so out of control, the magnitude is indescribable.

It is indeed a delightful situation to write about this President, and to have been alive to experience the Trump administration. Recently, some Hollywood types such as Jack Nicholson, was asked about President Trump. Nicholson said, “I’m voting for him because he did what he promised he would so.” HOW MANY TIMES CAN AN AMERICAN CITIZEN SAY THAT ABOUT THE PERSON THEY VOTED INTO OFFICE?

Remember this:  The job of a journalist/the media is to present both sides of an issue, and at the end of the reporting, put the pen down and shut up! The listener should not be persuaded to the reporter’s or news reader’s position on the issue.  Who cares!

December 14, 2015
The Presidential Election now in full swing can only be described as somewhat of a horror story as established, hard-line Republicans watch Donald Trump continue to dominate the “roadshow.”

Each of Trump's brash and downright obnoxious statements are met with pessimism and “how can they get any worse,” yet only to be topped by yet another. Republicans continue to ignore just how “in tune” with American voters Trump is. 

Observations of the various rhetoric appearing since the 2016 campaign moved into high gear make for a rather poignant list, some of what may be “challenges” for Trump to overcome (or not):

  • Republicans still have until February 2016 to scrutinize Trumps policies and statements;
  • To date, no endorsements from Republican stalwarts/establishment;
  • Barry Goldwater was the last Republican to gain the nomination without establishment support;
  • Trump gets to thumb his nose at the next usual road block – donor connections and party officials – he does not have to go begging for contributions to those politically connected;
  • Republican party hardliners concerned about Trump winning the nomination could fund a harsh, blistering ad campaign against him and throw all resources toward an establishment-backed candidate;
  • Soft versus hard power as the Republican party makes the rules – imagine what a session on the party platform would be with Trump as the nomination;
  • What happens to those people Trump has gotten interested in the  political process because of his stated policies, and what he would do to those so fed up with Congress they refuse to vote;
  • Those people added to the party-line voters who will/would vote for only a Republican candidate is a huge segment of the population;
  • This same segment added to the Democratic voters who do not like or trust Hillary Clinton, and will not have a choice but vote against her, is a mind boggling number of voters;
  • Questioning Trump's staying power for a Presidential campaign has long faded away;
  • Primaries, get-out-the-vote, and grass roots organizing are just the things subjective Republicans will try to use to deride a Trump nomination;
  • With Ben Carson in somewhat of a slide, and the slide gaining momentum, Republicans question to whom would his support move, saying not necessarily to Trump, with Ted Cruz really doubtful until this week, and no real polling on the subject, except in Iowa;
  • Republicans should take note of their focus, “no way will it be Trump,” in that the party's control of the process is based pretty much on money, which means no control over Trump! Republicans will have to find a new way to have strings attached to a President.


To date, all-things Republican (big shots and ordinary voters) have looked on Trump's campaign as non-serious and a joke, but the clock is ticking for the serious to get on board or get out of the way. It will be interesting to see if any of the Republican party establishment will sign on to support Trump as it has been very quiet from that area.

  The much “bally-hewed” poll being headlined by the national media about Ted Cruz is ignoring significant information on most fronts. The poll surfaced after the “Rising Tide Summit” hosted by Freedom Works, a conservative and libertarian grass-roots organization. Is Mr. Cruz a libertarian? Good question! According to the Washington Examiner, Mr. Cruz's on-stage presence was almost that of an evangelical mega church preacher – remember, the father of Mr. Cruz is identified as being an evangelical preacher, with his Christianity “important to many female voters.”

Perhaps the more meaningful poll would be the poll conducted on a NATIONAL basis showing Donald Trump “now has the support of slightly more than four in 10 GOP voters nationally.” In Monmouth University's poll, Trump received 41 percent support in the latest poll conducted by the university. (writer's emphasis) The numbers were 47 percent for Trump; 14 percent for Cruz.

Before readers start believing this writer is a Trump supporter, take note. This particular column is part of the mission of Seeing the Round Corners – question what's presented to you from all the media! Accepting at face value can be a real mistake if you are easily persuaded by polls.  

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