Seeing the Round Corners

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November 10, 2020


The Presidential Election last week sent shock waves around this country in more ways than this writer cares to think about. Bias by the mainstream media has been a pet peeve of this writer for many years.

The coverage of the 2020 presidential election results can only be described as blatantly bias, to the point of even anointing candidate Joe Biden “President Elect” before the December vote by the Electoral College.

As the days have worn on, the various acts observed and reported from various vote counting rooms across the country is enough to destroy the trust of the American people in their local officials.

Reports of dead people and minors who voted, and the no-longer- residents of Nevada who voted in Nevada would seem worthy of ordering a complete new counting of votes for that state. As of this writing, recounting in only one, possibly two states in the country, have been announced.

Arizona ballots are still being counted for the first time with thousands to be verified, yet the mainstream media identified Biden as the winner. That says it all about their bias and credibility.

The mainstream media keeps demanding examples of fraud. The stories keep pouring in, but perhaps the most horrifying display of fraud was the showing (live) in the counting room of the woman with a black pen filling in the ballot there for all to see. If the ballots were in the counting room, the ballot was being filled out AFTER election day, November 3rd.

Reportedly, Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. ordered the ballots received after November 3rd to be segregated from the timely filed ballots. More on that as the information evolves and whistle blowers are speaking up.

Freedom of the press used to be considered a “chiseled in stone.” sacred function of communicating to the everyday American what goes on in America. The mainstream media is meant to present information to the American public, to inform – not to misinform as has been done by the mainstream media in the 2020 presidential election.

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