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 August 11, 2020

In a recent speech before the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, Pope Francis said, “A society deserves the title ‘civilized’ … if it recognizes the tangible value of human life.”

As violence spreads across America and the call for defunding the police” gets louder, America must ask itself, “What would America be like without police?” “Is America no longer a civilized society?” “Where else in the world but America do children shoot other children in school?”  (Correction, recently such shootings did occur in Norway and England.)

The bias shown by the media in coverage of police brutality (and what amounted to murders) in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Aurora, Colorado, fails to show the police in anything but a negative way. The “good police” are seldom shown front and center or multiple times, yet think about how many times has George Floyd being choked to death at the knee of a white policeman been shown.

How often have “us” ordinary Americans sat in our wonderful, warm and cozy homes and viewed the homeless being “swept” from their encampments, and asked ourselves, how could they live like that. Listen very carefully to the homeless person’s response to a reporter asking why. Without saying the word – dignity – or loss of dignity screams out. When a person is kicked and kicked and kicked, for whatever reason, the
loss of their dignity takes over  – they no longer count, they no longer have inherent worth or meaning.

The last paragraph of today’s column from this writer’s archives asks the question, “Is this the beginning of America’s collapse as a society?” If the late Sol Alinsky (Hillary Clinton’s hero/idol) has his way, it is.


INEPTOCRACY!                          May 27, 2013

Ever wonder why so many solutions to today’s vast array of problems just seem to never work? Perhaps the definition of the title for today’s edition is the answer.

Ineptocracy:  “A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”

The Keystone XL pipeline as previewed in last week’s edition is a prime example. Those pushing the approval want the American people to believe it is the most urgent issue facing this country, and refuse to look at alternatives. The prime alternative to us ordinary citizens is for Canada to build their pipeline in their country to their east coast or west coast. End of all the international red tape. Of course, ordinary Canadian citizens do not want their pipeline built across their country because of the environmental damage it would wreak!

The marijuana industry has perpetuated the same urgency on the State of Colorado, while trying to keep the goal of being “first in the nation,” or “leading the nation” as the reason off the radar. The “vote of majority” again trumps us ordinary citizens – our safety and quality of life and the future of our children.

Technology has meant phenomenal changes to our lives, but ignored is the downside for ordinary Americans. Not arguable is the complexity technology brings to everyday life. Seldom is anything attempted without the admonition, “go to our website . . .” The assumption is every human being in this world has access to a computer which is certainly not the case!

Left in the dust is what the advance of technology means, the unintended consequences. Plain and simple, it exponentially widens the gap between the “haves” and “have nots.”

Regardless of what side of the immigration issue you the reader are on, ask yourself the simple question, “Why do the citizens of Mexico risk their lives to get into this country?” It certainly is not to live in fear of being discovered, it certainly is not to give up their heritage and values, their traditions and way of life. Yet, that’s what becomes necessary far too often when they get to this country.

Large cities afford some solace in the “community-within-a-community” which is a two-edged sword. There is a certain stigma, but certainly not what can be described as “living free in the land of the brave.” A guest-worker program would allow travel to and from Mexico by those who want nothing more than to make a decent living, provide for their families and live their heritage proudly, no longer live in fear.

If it is not already there, America is fast approaching the point of claiming the name of ineptocracy, all in the quest of advancing/leading technology, no matter the trampling of the “have nots.” How often we hear the refrain as each horrendous event befalls us, “What’s happening to our country?”

Is America about to join the long list of societies – the Romans, the Mayans, the Chinese, several American Indian tribes – that collapsed when political and economic structures literally disintegrated? Our agricultural society no longer exists as we knew it since the founding of this country. Monsanto’s win in the seed patent case is hard core proof of what is to come. The end of small farmers, one of the founding principles of this country is on the horizon. Is this the beginning of America’s collapse as a society?

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