Seeing the Round Corners

April 22, 2019


LATE BREAKING NEWS:  The Associated Press reported this morning that President Trump and his business organization sued the Democratic chairman of the House oversight committee to block a subpoena that seeks years of the president’s financial records. Readers – follow the national media to see if the event is covered in a fair and unbiased manner.

For two long years America has had a steady diet of Democrats and the verdict by the Washington 3 (Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff) that President Trump was guilty of collusion with the Russians and obstruction of justice – a verdict apparently made by these three as early as the results became known Election night 2016. Upon realization the election was a done deal and anointed Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States, a new agenda took control and has driven these rabid three from that day to this.

Of course, this agenda was fueled non-stop by a national media that is shameful beyond description. It is the ethical responsibility and the job of the media, both print and on-air, to thoroughly report both sides of an issue – each and every issue – regardless of the subject matter, and at the end of the reporting, the listener/reader remains unaware or have any idea which side of the issue the reporter is on.

Such reporting showing bias is yellow journalism of the most brilliant hue, and America’s national media may just be unable to redeem itself for the horrendous bias inflicted on the American people these past two years. The media may have followed the same path Congress cut into the landscape, one that Congress is no long trusted, but most of all not respected.

The media frequently reports on the latest approval ratings of Congress. Last month it was 18 percent approval rating with 75 percent disapproval. Does the media really want to continue on a path to final destruction of its own credibility to a point of no return? Perhaps the mainstream media types should be required to take a course(s) similar to those on anger management, but with the purpose of teaching the press that it is the responsibility to report the facts impartially on both sides of an issue.

Ignored by the media is the impact such bias has on collateral issues ongoing at the same time. Here are just a few issues that were influenced and impacted in the two years of the Trump Presidency:

  • the diplomacy meetings President Trump attended, especially early in his Presidency such at the NATO conference;
  • the mid-term elections (2018) when the Democrats colluded to re-take the House of Representatives at all costs;
  • the immigration crisis at the border which Democrats lie about on a daily basis saying there is no crisis, in their obsession for open borders;
  • the trade deals and diplomacy with Canada, Mexico, China and North Korea; and
  • finally, the sad fact that those openly showing support for President Trump have been attacked by those who hate the President, risking personal safety while exercising their constitutional right of free speech.


Attorney General William Barr has stated it is now time to investigate the investigators: 

  • the FBI and those involved in illegally obtaining the FISA warrant against an American citizen; (remember a FISA warrant is restricted to foreigners, not to be used against American citizens)
  • the use of a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, a dossier that turned out to be the basis for the investigation, a dossier that amounted to nothing more than one political party getting dirt on another political party to use in a campaign, a dossier that cost taxpayers $35 million.

One opinion commentary columnist point out, Barr is known for being “a stickler for the jaw.” “That amounts to terrible news to corrupt-ocrats James Comey, James Brennan, James Clapper and other Obamaites who abused their powers to turn Russian meddling into a partisan weapon.”

This writer cannot help but make this one quip:  it would be great to see President Trump get the last laugh, and he will, if he will just be quiet and enjoy the show.

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