Seeing the Round Corners

April 8, 2019


It is soapbox time for this writer who has written over the years about media bias.

Bias in any issue affecting the lives of “us” ordinary Americans is sad, but what the Democratic party with the co-operation of the on-air and print media borders on criminal – all because their anointed candidate was prevented from being elected president. Hillary Clinton was not elected president of the United States, and hopefully, with the grace of God, will never even be considered for the office.

What follows are comments made by former Democratic Senator (later Governor) Bob Kerrey of Nebraska in an interview with Newsmax, who wondered out loud how “the Justice Department got the investigation into Russia 2016 election meddling ‘so wrong’ with ‘prosecutorial abuse’.”

  • Rather than investigating the president further, Congress needs to investigate how the Department of Justice got this one so wrong. If the president of the United States is vulnerable to prosecutorial abuse, then God help all the rest of us.”
  • Find out what went wrong and to tell us what needs to be done to make certain it never happens again.
  • Our democracy will survive the hostility of Vladimir Putin. What it may not survive is distrust of our system of justice. At the moment that distrust is deep and wide.
  • Kerrey said, four key questions are these:
  • 1) Is the FBI Director free of political pressure to investigate candidates or elected officials on a partisan basis?
  • 2) Can we write rules to govern candidates and officeholders?
  • 3) How does the FBI decide to open an investigation? “A single campaign official suggesting the possibility of collusion with a foreign power or a document written as opposition research or a demand from a member of Congress are very thin reeds upon which to challenge the legitimacy of an elected official.” (Note: Kerrey is referring to the Christopher Steele Russian dossier paid for by the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton and never mentioned by the mainstream on-air and print media.)
  • 4) Are federal pardons justified?

Kerrey agreed with legal expert Alan Dershowitz saying, “We need a non partisan national commission to tell us what has just happened and to advise us on what we need to do to keep it from happening again.”

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz has said, “Congress needs a ‘nonpartisan commission’ to investigate the failings of the justice system in searching for a crime that was not found in the Mueller report.” 

At the beginning of his interview, Kerrey said his fellow Democrats were suffering from two delusions:

  • The first is that Americans long for a president who will ask us to pay more for the pleasure of increasing the role of the federal government in our lives.
  • That Americans were robbed of the truth when Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr concluded that President Trump did not collude with Russia in 2016, and all evidence indicates that the full report will not change the conclusion that Donald J. Trump did not collude with Vladimir Putin to secure his victory in 2016.


Food for thought:  By their blatant denial of no crisis at the border, Democrats are getting what they are obsessed with – OPEN BORDERS.

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