Seeing the Round Corners

February 11, 2019

Whether you the reader are a Trump supporter or vehemently anti-Trump, in the must admit department are a number of positive/negative effects the American public repeatedly hears about from the news media.
Not many people would disagree that the Democrats find nothing positive about the President as was evident during the State of the Union address (SOTU) earlier this month. Repeated camera shots of smirks, eyes rolling and grimaces during the speech bordered on outright disrespect, and after the speech remarks reached the level of “bashing and ignoring,” in this writer’s opinion, but also voiced by many others.
President Trump’s SOTU was far different than most expected, but will not be covered here, except to point out that Democrats seem to miss how citizens of this country are delighted when the President stands up to Washington and Congress, even willing to overlook times when he misstates and things like numbers slightly inflated. Sometimes it is as though they don’t like the man himself but love what he says and has done for the country. Stop and think about that.
What today’s column is about somewhat follows up on last week’s column on the “Clandestine” Russian Investigation and the Democrats red herring tactics.
Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) gloated after the SOTU that the President has learned his lesson, but during negotiations on the Omnibus spending bill had promised if government is fully reopened, all things were possible on “border security,” but Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif) made no change in her “robotic mantra” on the evils of a wall.
Civil liberties and immigration groups are “screaming” not so fast! Pelosi’s mantra of walls being immoral and all the evils of a wall have gotten the attention of civil liberties and immigration groups, including human rights and libertarian organizations concerned with “each of the technologies proposed by House Democrats tasked with finding a border deal.” The technology includes drones, facial recognition technology, DNA collection, license plate readers and more.
The surveillance border technology that Democrats and Speaker Pelosi insist on “would intrude on the liberties of travelers, immigrants and people who live near the border in the United States,” the group stated in a letter to leaders in Congress. A leader in one of the organizations added “people’s constitutional rights” to the list of objections to a border “using technology to create a ‘smart’ border wall instead of President Trump’s preferred physical barriers.”
Few too many ordinary citizens of this country are failing to see just how downright two-faced Democrats such as congressional leaders Schumer and Pelosi are in their zeal to defeat President Trump.
Schumer manipulated the Omnibus spending bill (signed by the President, March 2018) into getting $540 million in this year’s appropriations in direct and indirect funding for a massive rail tunnel project between New York and New Jersey ($12.7 billion total estimated cost), and part of a larger project known as Gateway.
Republican congressional leaders {Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Paul Ryan (R-WI)} failed the opportunity for leverage to use against Schumer’s demand for the rail funds as an exchange for border funding – in effect selling the President down the river.
Fast forward to December’s shutdown of the government and readers may just realize why the President dug in so deep and long for border funding.
Christopher Ruddy, CEO of the news agency Newsmax, put it so aptly – “. . .supposedly by the end of the shutdown, Democrats signaled they would give him the full $5.7 billion in border security funds he asked for, though they don’t want the word ‘wall’ used in the appropriation. “Okay, let’s call it a ‘protective barrier,’ that works for me.” 
It is sad to see the media’s negative slant of reporting on President Trump which hopefully became oh so evident with the content and tone of his State of the Union speech.
Next week, why Ruddy says “Trump ‘wins when he loses’ on the border wall and what shape Democrats are in with just two years now left in this Congress.

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