Seeing the Round Corners

Aug 20, 2018


   Today’s column is the first of several which brings to focus what Congressman Jared Polis would prefer not be a part of his gubernatorial campaign. (Note, As a commentary columnist, this writer has relied on various sources and their verifications.)

The Seeing the Round Corners column appearing on August 13th regarding the Polis campaign flier paid for with taxpayer dollars – “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense” – also caught the attention of the Denver media. Channel 9’s NEXT with Kyle Clark not only showed the flier but inquired of the Polis campaign about the taxpayer funded flier.

The gist was Polis could do such a mailing using his “franked” mailing privilege which members of Congress have for keeping their constituents informed of all the grand and glorious things members of Congress do.

Now the franked mail perk is a valid one, no question, and review of the regulation gives one pause as to intent and sheds light on appropriateness. It is almost a sure bet the intent of those writing and passing the regulation did not intend it to be used during a political campaign by one of the wealthiest members of Congress to “. . . prepare, publish and mail at taxpayer expense.”

Representative Polis uses more words from the English language to describe his various issues that he will deal with if elected Governor than any candidate ever, puts one in mind of the good old buckshot approach. Yet, while ideas are really great, the volumes of words are missing the critical factor(s):  SPECIFICS.

Democrats are phenomenal at making promises they can’t keep. The hype of how grand former President Obama would be as President is an example of a phenomena built on a foundation of sand –one-term Senator from Illinois who qualifications were a street organizer following training by Saul Alinsky, lacking in business experience and no foreign relations experience, to name a few of the missing attributes. After all, the American Presidency is not a job that can be advertised as “get your training on the job.”

Back to Polis. Seeing the Round Corners will address Polis’ take on issues and comments and replies over the next few weeks, such as:

  • Sponsoring a bill that would repeal Trump tax cuts;
  • Polis paid no income taxes from 2001-2005 (before entering Congress);
  • An accusation that during that time Polis used onshore and offshore Cayman Island accounts to avoid paying taxes via an investment fund registered in Delaware (which included an offshore account in the Cayman Islands); and
  • Polis opposed Amendment 69 (Medicare For All) when it was on the Colorado ballot in 2016 which was soundly voted down by Coloradans (80% to 20%), but now Polis aggrandizes as “Medicare for all.”

   Seeing the Round Corners will review the above issues and some other very controversial issues such as Polis’ position on Blockchain Policy. You are in for a real read on that issue!!

The mission of Seeing the Round Corners is to evoke a thought process and interest in becoming better informed and to be skeptical of the headline-grabbing purveyors of information. The writer is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.


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