Seeing the Round Corners

August 13, 2018

JARED POLIS: “This mailing was prepared,

                published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

Seeing the Round Corners will take a side-step away for the next few weeks from its usual goal, at least on subject matter.

The 2018 race for Governor in Colorado is probably one of Colorado’s most important. The attack ads by groups not controlled by the candidates have already begun.

For starters, how many readers ever even glance at the voluminous, incessant campaign fliers mailed by candidates to citizens? From the stuffed trash cans at the post office, not many. Readers may want to give a second thought to that act of disdain and lack of interest. This is why.

The latest campaign flier mailed by Representative Jared Polis proudly headlines “Protecting Colorado’s Public lands.” For those who pitched the flier in the nearest trash can, it pictures him leading hikes on various picturesque trails in Colorado and other sights.

What every citizen should take note of on this flier is the boxed announcement in the lower left corner on the address side of the flier:

      “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

   Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s direct from the flier!! Now, an estimate provided some weeks back when dollar figures were being published by the on-air media, Polis had loaned/given (whatever) his campaign some $11 million dollars – a figure that no doubt has grown substantially in recent weeks. Yet, this mega millionaire politician sticks taxpayers of Colorado for a full-color, two-sided, letter-size flier that cannot be classified as anything other than a campaign flier! Even if he can find a way to claim it is legal to use taxpayer dollars to pay for this flier, does Jared Polis have no sense of moral responsibility to taxpayers of Colorado?                                

Based on the statistics to date, no doubt the 2018 Colorado gubernatorial campaign will prove to be the most high dollar in the history of the state. Just think what all those dollars could do for ending homelessness and impacting poverty for the vulnerable citizens of Colorado.

Give this some thought because when a candidate proves how out-of-touch he is with citizens of the state during the campaign, voters should pay careful attention to what a candidate is not saying, not just fall for the feel good, sound good, rhetoric the candidate is so sure will get him or her elected because people believe what is espoused.

Over the next few weeks, Seeing the Round Corners will analyze issues Representative Jared Polis is running on and give the reader some “food for thought” on just how out of touch this mega wealthy politician is with the citizens of Colorado.

The mission of Seeing the Round Corners is to evoke a thought process and interest in becoming better informed and to be skeptical of the headline-grabbing purveyors of information.

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