Seeing the Round Corners

July 9, 2018


   Today’s column is one this writer has considered writing for many, many years. There is no more controversial topic than abortion, but the death penalty is on an equal par – ironically, both deal with death. Perhaps the emphasis being placed on the Supreme Court nominee means the time has come for the column.

As a “heads up” for those obsessed with the idea that abortion is about “a woman’s right to choose” as is always the tag line and rationalization of conduct, you probably should not read any further. The column is about the rationalization that abortion is not murder.  Please note, all comments do not apply to cases of rape or incest.  

As a preface to what may be termed the hard, cruel words on why abortion is murder, a few words on cause and effect. Cause and effect applies and is pertinent to just about any subject matter that is worthy of explanation. What typically goes unrecognized is all those involved get so wrapped up in dealing with effect, sight is lost that only minimal success is possible when the “cause” goes unaddressed or is ignored entirely.

Women have come to view the idea of an abortion as an easy, quick solution to an unwanted pregnancy that was caused by having sex and not using birth control, or that was caused by an outright irresponsible attitude in the rush to get in bed regardless of who the partner was – spouse, spur of the moment or one-night stand. No woman is forced to have sex without birth control protection (except in cases of rape or incest).

Irresponsibility for one’s own actions just to answer the demand of the sex drive is at the root of unwanted pregnancies. Readers have probably heard the most common reason given by women seeking an abortion is “having a baby would dramatically change my life” and “I can’t afford a baby now.” Abortion has come to be considered as a choice of convenience to end a pregnancy. The crassness of those answers raises the question of why not think before heading to the bed or place of having sex?

The sad reasoning of claiming abortion is a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body is almost unexplainable, or perhaps despicable is a more blunt way of putting it. Why does that claim serve as the reason for not using birth control when having sex unless the woman is looking for a meal ticket or to “encourage” a marriage (trapping a husband)?

The emphasis being placed on how a nominee to the Supreme Court would decide regarding reversal of Roe v. Wade is improper if not blatantly illegal, that is, the nominee saying how he or she would vote ahead of time before seeing the case filed with the court.

This question is a harsh one, but one that should be asked as abortion proponents become more rabid in their rhetoric:  What is the difference between the person seeking/the person performing an abortion and the inmate on death row for committing murder?

The justifications for the availability of abortion on demand are many. If not legally, easily available, then the back-room butchers and the self-inflicted coat hanger become the means for an abortion, and countless lives are destroyed in this way. This reasoning is because women believe they have the right to use abortion as a convenient solution to end an unwanted pregnancy, rather than show a responsible attitude in preventing the cause of an unwanted pregnancy – murdering an unwanted baby as opposed to preventing an unwanted pregnancy, all in the rabid zeal to exercise the choice over their body? 

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