Seeing the Round Corners

March 19, 2018

   Seeing the Round Corner will return next week with another column on “Can You Trust Your Government?” In the mean time, please give the following some thought.

   When asked about wind farm subsidies, Warren Buffet made this statement:  “[We] get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.”

   According to the U. S. Energy Foundation, the enormously generous government handouts amounted to roughly $6 billion in 2016 alone in federal tax credits.

   In an article for the National Review, Robert Bryce wrote about the total value of the subsidies given to the biggest players in the U. S. wind industry, “now at $176 billion (counting local, state and federal subsidies as well as federal loans and loan guarantees received by companies on the American Wind Energy Association’s board of directors since 2000].”

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