Seeing the Round Corners

August 28, 2017


   Tearing down or removing statues erected decades ago has become all the rage. It seems there are those who think that is all it takes to change history. Think about that idea for a moment . . . or more.

Those Congressmen(women), governors, mayors, the most vocal radicals of the anti-Trump brigade, have jumped on the bandwagon of the movement to remove all statues and monuments to anyone or anything identified or referring to being “Confederate.” One has to ask, “Why now, here in 2017?” Has America so suddenly developed such a moral sanctity that all things “Confederate” and “of the South” should be removed from existence? Not possible, if you are so mindless as to think so.

As the cliché goes, “we can’t change history, but we can learn from it.” It is sad to see what can only be described as a “hoax” spread so voraciously by the mainstream media.

For the moment, let us look at the notorious political organizer Saul Alinsky, author of Rules of Radicals, described by best-selling author David Horowitz, as a “well-thumbed guide-book for the contemporary left,” . . . “with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as disciples.” Dershowitz describes Alinsky’s core concepts as “Practicing deception to conceal one’s true goals and regarding moral principles and laws as applicable to others but not to oneself.”

According to Dershowitz, Hillary Clinton interviewed Alinsky for her 1969 senior thesis at Wellesley, and devoted her thesis to his theories and achievements, even comparing him to Walt Whitman and Martin Luther King, Jr., and “portrayed him as an American hero.”

Students at the Alinsky Institute (where allegedly Barack Obama was taught about understanding power), were pounded with Alinsky’s radicalism. Students who made the mistake of saying they wanted to organize to help others were screamed down with “You want to organize for power!”

So what is the connection between the sheep-to-slaughter movement of removing Confederate statues and the Alinsky loyalists such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? This writer is the first to admit, it is a real stretch but this is it:  Removal of the statues is a show of power by organizers over a segment of the population who have no idea what they are falling in line over.

Ask anyone of those championing the removal of the statues for an intelligent reason, or what purpose it accomplishes. Just don’t hold your breath for the answer. Most likely you will get the same kind of answer as the reporter got when interviewing a voter in England who voted yes to get Britain out of the European Union – the voter responded, “What’s the European Union?”

   President Lincoln has always been referred to as a great president and idolized by African-Americans for ending slavery. Little is written about Lincoln’s attitude to the American Indians and his efforts to extinguish them as a people. Next week Seeing the Round Corners will present a view of “Honest Abe” from the American Indian side.

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