Seeing the Round Corners

June 26, 2017

   The 2016 Presidential campaign/election was like none other in this country’s history.

To those people totally awake and aware, it was somewhat of a “heads up,” at least to those who were not absolutely obsessed with pulling out all the stops to put  Hillary Clinton (HClinton) in as President of the United States. Most Democrats are still shaking their heads at the thought of Donald J. Trump winning the Presidency and could not even fathom the idea.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are now six months (give or take a few days) into a Trump Presidency, and have experienced six months of Hillary Rodham Clinton whining about not getting elected. A woman as President of the United States is a nice idea, but NOT the woman running in 2016.

To have the female member of what is probably the slimiest political couple ever in the United States would have been a catastrophe this country might never have recovered from! Her reply under oath during the Benghazi Congressional investigation – arrogantly, “At this point, what difference does it make” will never be forgotten by the families of those killed at the American Embassy in Benghazi.

Telling of HClinton’s lack of character is her various targets of blame for the loss. It was indeed downright heartwarming to see America’s media (on-air and print) all but choke on the Clinton loss. The attempts to place blame on the Russians as influencing the 2016 Presidential election is further telling of just how far the Clintons are willing to go in blaming all and everyone except the candidate herself for the 2016 loss. The message to the Clintons from American voters is SHOW US THE PROOF!!! More on this as the saga unfolds if any proof is ever discovered.

Incoming CIA Director Mike Pompeo said the Clintons’ claim of Russian interference in the election is not really new, and for decades, it has long been Russia’s goal to “undermine American democracy.”

For the next few weeks, columns from the archives will appear while this writer takes a break to get a brand new shoulder. Today’s column from the archives is about yet another arrogant American – Joe Nacchio, who believes himself to be above the law. Enjoy!

February 6, 2012


Last year, Eye on Gilpin County included a tongue-in-cheek piece forwarded by a reader. It related how easy (supposedly) it was to qualify three dogs for welfare. Some readers may have found the piece the height of bigotry and prejudice – the dog’s owner explained as to how his dogs were mixed in color, unemployed, couldn’t speak English and had no frigging clue as to who their Daddies were; that he was expected to feed them and provide housing and medical care; thus they  qualified for welfare. The e-mail ended with “what a great country!”

We the ordinary working people of America can only hope that the e-mail was absolutely fictitious and written by a proud bigot.

The Republican side of the political aisle continues to blame this country’s national debt on the welfare system or as they refer to it, Social Security and Medicare, a “blame” that has already taken on new meaning in this election year. Telling is candidate Mitt Romney’s comment on not being worried about the poor and the safety net.

Most readers will agree America is a great country. But, it has a very broken system when billions of dollars (approaching a trillion) are spent on wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan while services to America’s most vulnerable – the elderly, children and veterans – suffer unconscionable cuts to programs and services. 

Finally, we come to the news release that prompted today’s edition.

Only in America could corporate sleaze such as Joe Nacchio continue with the audacity this man perpetuates. Readers may recall, Nacchio is the former chairman of Quest Communications convicted of insider trader to the tune of more than $44,000,000.00, who now sits in federal prison (at taxpayers expense).

Bloomberg News Service reports that Nacchio has filed a lawsuit in a federal claims court seeking a refund of the $17,999,030.00 in taxes he and his wife paid on his illegally gotten gains from insider trading, the legal theory being that the court-ordered disgorgement on those gains eliminated the couple’s tax liability.

According to the lawsuit, Nacchio’s tax returns for 2007 included the $44,632,464.38 as part of his annual income “because it appeared that the plaintiffs had an unrestricted right . . .”

As part of the criminal case against Nacchio, he not only forfeited the $44,000,000.00 plus, but was also fined $19 million. The news release did not clarify how the $19 million fine was handled on Nacchio’s tax return.

The lawsuit is the height of arrogance in light of what Quest employees suffered as a result of Nacchio’s tenure at Quest. Apparently, Nacchio still has funds sufficient to lawyer up to take yet another hit at this great country. Remember, your tax dollars are spent to defend such lawsuits. How many more taxpayer dollars must be spent on this arrogant jerk? (Also unavailable is the expense incurred by taxpayers for the court proceedings conducted over Nacchio’s claim that assessment of amounts, etc. was based on erroneous computations.)

The good character of a man/woman is demonstrated by the willingness that a person shows in accepting responsibility for their conduct and actions.

Mark Twain once said:  “The rule is perfect – in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.” 

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