Seeing the Round Corners


October 3, 2016


   With the first Presidential debate in the history books as lackluster, the candidates seem to be in a rut – nothing new much except for Mr. Trump's sniffles. Someone really counted 37 which says so much about what the audience really tuned in for.     

   A recent news release provided details of non-residents being registered to vote in the state of Virginia. Hopefully all Americans realize non-residents are not eligible to vote. Now, a few hundred (if that's all there is), would not be a big deal except that Virginia is designated as a swing state – a very small number of votes could be a deciding factor. To date, Virginia election officials maintain there is no problem. Stay tuned as details unfold.

   "Jobs, jobs, jobs" has been an issue throughout this campaign. Today's column includes a 2011 column which appeared just before the last Presidential election.

   Readers are encouraged to take a look at what each candidate would bring to the office of President. Much is made of Donald Trump's path to the riches he enjoys, and no doubt an ethics test would fail miserably. That said,the Clintons – remember, with her you get him – maintain the Clinton Foundation is the noblest of all and continue to sidestep all investigation into allegations of "pay for play" as Trump is so found of saying. No doubt, an ethics test would, yet again, fail miserably. Great choice for the American voter!!!

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