Eye on the Legislature


October 3, 2016


   The latest news release from the ColoradoCareYes campaign now has modifying "hype" to say most co-pays would be replaced by a simple 3.33 percent payroll deduction for employees and 6.67 percent for employers. Still ignored are the thousands of retirees who call Colorado home. 

Second, the claim is that ColoradoCare Amendment 69 cannot increase premiums and deductibles without an authorizing vote of the people of Colorado.

Apparently, the ColoradoCareYes campaign has not nor does it read the proposed amendment to the Constitution of Colorado.   

The proposed amendment clearly states the governing board makes such decisions  – not the people of Colorado. Readers should carefully pay attention to the following paragraphs and the amendment. Proponents of Amendment 69 are counting on voters to NOT read the actual proposed amendment, and be aware, there is a reason former Governor Bill Ritter, Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper are opposing Amendment 69.

The following paragraphs are provided each week as a reminder of the critical controlling points for the ColoradoCare Amendment 69 that Coloradans will be voting on in November. 

  • All Coloradans will lose their current benefit plan to be replaced by benefits yet to be determined, to be serviced by an entity yet to be identified, to include providers yet to be named.
  •  Readers are cautioned that anything you read or hear about Amendment 69 means ColoradoCare is across the board totally exempt from the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. There will be no restriction on the tax (premiums) the governing board can impose on you the citizens of Colorado. (Section 10. Exemption. ColoradoCare and this article are exempt from Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution. [Article X is the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (aka TABOR)].

Further caution - Section 3. There is hereby established a political subdivision of the state called ColoradoCare. ColoradoCare is not an agency of the state and is not subject to administrative direction or control by any state executive, department, commission, board, bureau or agency.  

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