Seeing the Round Corners

August 29, 2016


   The glow of nominating the first woman to the Presidency of the United States has now dimmed. That said, the American public has seen nothing since the end of the political conventions to address the lack of trust issue of its “first female candidate for president” as the e-mail scandal continues to grow and get even worse after the original damning assessment delivered by the Director of the FBI.

   The Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump, pretty much now lets that issue fall to the the various national columnists and on-air media. It is amazing to this writer the lack of coverage on such an issue and the total lack of concern Clinton shows on the issue. Her response (when one can be elicited) shows growing disdain as though she is above accounting for unethical and downright illegal acts. Anyone else would have been indicted months ago.  

   It has been interesting to note just how many different ways Hillary Clinton has dismissed the personal private server used during her term as Secretary of State, despite the revelations of what Trump refers to as “pay for play.” The Clinton Foundation has come under strong attack for its obvious trading of contributions for access to Clinton, and there are those who say it should be closed down. 

   While the Clintons continue to insist nothing illegal has taken place, such as something of tangible value being accepted by Clinton, readers should recall that prior to the FBI investigations, Hillary Clinton was adamant no classified information was relayed over the personal private server when it had, all the while she was destroying e-mails – 30,000 was the number at the time. Now that number has risen as continued investigation reveals a yet-to-be determined number, as several thousand more have now been uncovered.

   To ask Hillary Clinton's oft posed question about Donald Trump, “Is this woman  someone America wants to have her hand on the buttons to the nuclear weapons arsenal?”

   Perhaps an even more important question hits the nail on the head – Why did Hillary Clinton have a personal private server if it were not for “scurrilous” purposes, intent on hiding the massive attempts at gaining favor? Why was this question never addressed by the FBI in the original investigation in that it was a violation of State Department policy?

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