Seeing the Round Corners

August 1, 2016


   Ever wonder why there is little news of the infamous Keystone XL pipeline? The last news heard by most folks was about the President turning thumbs down on it.

   Little publicity has been given to yet another pipeline designed to carry oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois, leading this writer to suspect all the hoopla about the Keystone XL was an attention diversion tactic to lesson the possibility of opposition.

   Climate Progress reports on July 28, 2016 that “Despite several months of heavy opposition, an oil pipeline slated to cut through four Midwestern states has all the regulatory permits it needs for full build-out.”

   Next week's column will present the details and how a company, Dallas-based

Energy Transfer Partners, has been able to use eminent domain in acquiring right of way.  American Indian tribes are also objecting to the pipeline being constructed through sacred tribal land that includes burial grounds.

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