Seeing the Round Corners

June 6, 2016

Bruce Jones

   Today's columns is a sad one, and remembers the passing of long-time Gilpin resident Bruce Jones. He used to joke with me that he was just an "old curmudgeon."

At one time, Bruce's family owned acreage along South Beaver Creek Road back in time when promoters were attempting to start the Gilpin Railway Company.

Bruce was also a long-time supporter of this writer's back in my political days. We talked by phone and e-mailed, sometimes often, infrequently at other times. Bruce was great for historical commentary on the county and was an early-day volunteer firefighter.

I would be remiss in not admitting that we strongly and unequivocally disagreed on one thing – President Obama – Bruce was no fan of President Obama.

Bruce's wife, Janice, passed away just a few weeks ago, and as it happens

far too often, the spouse follows soon thereafter.

So "old curmudgeon friend," those long chew-the-fat calls and e-mails will be missed. A huge thanks for all your encouraging words over the years.

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